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Duration: 3 hours in total over 4 weeks

Languages: English and French

About the development path

The Connected development path is made up of 6 weekly activity cards spread out over four weeks.

An invitation will be emailed to all participants one week before the start date from the address

The first activity card will be sent out on the selected start date. Subsequent cards will be made available at a pace that enhances learning and the achievement of objectives. All content will be available for 45 days after the last activity card is unlocked.

At the end of the development path, participants will be able to download the following documents:

  • Their certificate of participation
  • Their path journal (report)
  • The tools shared throughout the development path

The objectives of this path

Raise your colleagues and employees' awareness of key issues and components of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in the workplace.

  • Understand the concepts and issues related to EDI
  • Recognize and limit the effects of unconscious biases
  • Adopt inclusive behaviours

About Humance's development paths

More than online training, our virtual development paths address the important organizational challenges faced by many organizations. Our paths combine microlearnings and development activities based on the learner’s work environment.